IMS WaterJet 5-axis Cutting Systems IMS Waterjet cutting systems

IMS WaterJet™ manufactures USA-made WaterJet systems to meet customer requirements.

Customized for the precise cut, IMS WaterJet™ systems are used in a variety of industries: metal-cutting, food, glass, stone, tile, rubber, composites, textiles, electronics, and more. In addition to customized systems, IMS WaterJet offers a standardized off-the-shelf PRO Series line of extremely accurate and competitively priced high-end models, as well as a value-priced EL Series.

IMS WaterJet systems are customized for the precise cut 

IMS WaterJet Features:IMS WaterJet™ systems are used in a variety of industries

• Infinite Cut 5-axis™ cutting head system

• Cut virtually any shape or contour

• True continuous rotation

• Extreme accuracy-held tolerances

• Advanced linear encoders

• Ridged tank/gantry design

• World-class system software

• Customized to the Precise Cut™

• Add options: laser, plasma, router, and drilling attachments