ADS Abrasive Hoppers

KMT Waterjet Systems ADS Series Abrasive Hoppers - Available in 500 lb. and 2,000 lb. Containers

Waterjet machines production reliability can be ensured with constant abrasive flow rate with the garnet or grit. This fact becomes even more important when cutting brittle materials such as stone, marble or glass.

Continuous Level Monitoring for an Efficient Production Process
The ADS Series abrasive hoppers precisely monitors the availability of sufficient abrasive closely during the entire cutting process. This protects your valuable material from damage and saves unnecessary costs and time. It‘s concept assures process stability, security and a very high degree of reliability.

From 500 lbs. to 2000 lbs. Capacity Storage Options
The ADS SERIES HOPPERS used in the hydro-abrasive cutting process provides a new level of accuracy and convenience in production cutting operations. Abrasive is stored in the abrasive storage vessel and pneumatically transferred to the abrasive metering assembly.

ADS Hoppers Flyer-Rev 1 (PDF)


Easy to Maintain

Vessel loading areas allow individual 100 lb. bags of abrasive to be loaded through the integrated sieve lid. It is easily accessible and the abrasive can be loaded by only removing the top cover. The integrated sieve ensures that no contaminated particles may be loaded.

Low Level Alarm

The ADS HOPPER has an abrasive level indicator which uses a weighing mechanism to provide continuous monitoring of the abrasive level. A low-level alarm utilizes a proximity switch to detect the low limit (100 lbs. of abrasive) and will activate a horn alarm to notify user.  A regulator and manual valve control the air pressure and provide ON/OFF control.

KMT Abrasive Delivery

KMT Genuine Parts & Service proudly supplies several types of abrasive from SHAPE Mined Materials. Tailored to fit your specific needs, SMM abrasive shipments are easily coordinated by KMT for hassle-free delivery right to your door.


Protect your investment.

Increase profits while maximizing uptime with KMT Genuine Parts & Service. Our world-class service and support programs, KMT 360° and KMT 360° Assured, are designed to keep your ultrahigh-pressure systems running at peak performance, with minimal effort from you.

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