The KMT FEEDLINE PRECISION® Abrasive Metering System is an economical and reliable option for accurate delivery of abrasive to the cutting nozzle.

An accurate and consistent abrasive feed-rate is critical to the waterjet abrasive cutting process. A well regulated feed-rate of abrasive cuts down on waste and results in a tighter cutting stream with a cleaner, smoother cutting edge. 

The KMT FEEDLINE PRECISION® abrasive vessel features a variable dial for accurate control of abrasive. The variable dial control abrasive vessel spectrum dial, notched in 1/10 lb. (.05 kg) increments, to deliver precise flow control of abrasive from 0 to 2-1/2 lbs.(1.13 kg)/min. for cutting a variety of materials and thicknesses.

The innovative Dial-It-In feature delivers flexible, economical and accurate delivery of abrasive to the cutting nozzle.

KMT Waterjet FEEDLINE PRECISION Metering Flyer (PDF) 


Easy to Maintain

The KMT FEEDLINE PRECISION is designed to minimize downtime by featuring tightly sealed O-rings at the top and bottom of the abrasive housing, as well as the metering assembly to prevent moisture from contaminating the abrasive.

Precision and Flexibility

The KMT FEEDLINE PRECISION features an accurate dial with multiple settings, from 0 to 2-1/2 lbs./min., which allow the operator to quickly select the amount of abrasive needed to improve cutting speed. The orifice setting is easily viewed by the operator at any time.

KMT Abrasive Delivery

KMT Genuine Parts & Service proudly supplies several types of abrasive from SHAPE Mined Materials. Tailored to fit your specific needs, SMM abrasive shipments are easily coordinated by KMT for hassle-free delivery right to your door.


Protect your investment.

Increase profits while maximizing uptime with KMT Genuine Parts & Service. Our world-class service and support programs, KMT 360° and KMT 360° Assured, are designed to keep your ultrahigh-pressure systems running at peak performance, with minimal effort from you.

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