IDE® Diamond Cutting Head

KMT Waterjet IDE® II Cutting Head

The KMT Waterjet IDE® II (Integrated Diamond Eductor) Assembly Diamond Abrasive Cutting Nozzle is rated for pressures up to 60,000 PSI | 4.100 bar, and is a KMT IDE® waterjet nozzle breakthrough in simplicity & peak performance. The IDE® diamond orifice assembly performs 10-20 times better over sapphires or rubies and is guaranteed for 500 hours*! (*When used with the Short Stop Filter)

Finally! A cutting head with the fewest possible parts making performance simple and reliable.

Now, the only pieces which need to be replaced are the focusing tubes and head body. Each IDE® Water Jet Nozzle has a permanently mounted diamond and mixing chamber and each includes the removable abrasive inlet, focusing tube retaining nut, retaining ring and high pressure filter element.

IDE® II 60,000 psi | 4.100 bar Flyer (PDF)



IDE® PRO - The Next Generation in Ultra High Pressure Diamond Abrasive Cutting! 

The KMT 90,000 psi | 6.200 bar, Integral Diamond Eductor PRO, which has achieved successful cutting performance at 100,000 psi/6.900 bar, consistently demonstrates superior performance and reduced operating cost. The IDE® PRO features the same one-piece construction as the IDE® II, and maintains the same precision cutting at a higher pressure.

  • Up to 50% more productivity-no maintenance down time
  • 10 to 20 times greater mean time between failure
  • Superior edge quality  


The KMT IDE® Cutting Head Difference: Dead-On Alignment

The diamond orifice is imbedded, thus integral to the mixing chamber. The jet stream is precisely directed through the
focusing tube eliminating misalignment, over-torquing, and stack up errors.

The integral diamond orifice reduces operating costs with faster cutting, extended focusing tube life and dramatically reduced downtime. The IDE® cutting head has demonstrated 1000+ cutting hours in the field for many applications. 


Protect your investment.

Increase profits while maximizing uptime with KMT Genuine Parts & Service. Our world-class service and support programs, KMT 360° and KMT 360° Assured, are designed to keep your ultrahigh-pressure systems running at peak performance, with minimal effort from you.


Inspection-Assembly Instructions on the KMT WaterJet IDE (Integrated Diamond Eductor) Abrasive Cutting Head