STREAMLINE PRO® 90,000PSI/6,200bar 60hp Pumps

KMT Waterjet STREAMLINE PRO® Series 90,000 PSI/6,200 bar 60hp Pumps: LOWER COST PER PART!

KMT Waterjet Systems has the broadest range of abrasive waterjet intensifier pumps with the introduction of the Ultra High Pressure (UHP) KMT STREAMLINE PRO® Series 90,000 PSI/6,200 bar Waterjet Pump.

The PRO 60 HP Pump will significantly increase cutting productivity by 50 - 70% over industry standard 60,000psi (4,137 bar)/50hp cutting speeds.

The KMT Rapid Seal Change intensifier pump design technology and is perfect for high volume production from single head to multiple abrasive waterjet cutting head requirements and for intricate detailed cutting with tight tolerance requirements.

STREAMLINE PRO® Pumps Brochure (PDF) 

  • SUPRAlife seals guaranteed for 500 hours (Terms & conditions apply)
  • Metal-to-metal seal design is more durable with no wear in the high pressure cylinder bore
  • Tie Rod Design with hydraulic loading tensioner guarantees longer lifetime of SUPRAlife seals
  • Stainless steel liner adds extra protection to ceramic plunger for longer life
  • Topworks can be retrofitted to PRO-I & PRO-II Pumps



KMT Genuine Parts for your STREAMLINE PRO® Pump


KMT PRO 90,000psi Seal Assembly - 72158494

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72163802 Liner-KMT-Waterjet-Parts

KMT PRO 90,000psi Liner - 72163802

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72117819 check valve repair kit -KMT-Waterjet-Parts

KMT PRO 90,000psi Check Valve Repair Kit - 72117819

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20477518 NO Dump Valve Repair Kit-KMT-Waterjet-Parts

KMT PRO 90,000psi NO Dump Valve Repair Kit - 20477518

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Increase profits while maximizing uptime with KMT Genuine Parts & Service. Our world-class service and support programs, KMT 360° and KMT 360° Assured, are designed to keep your ultrahigh-pressure systems running at peak performance, with minimal effort from you.

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KMT Waterjet Systems-The Power to do More

This KMT Waterjet video demonstrates how to cut aluminum faster with waterjet pressure at 90,000psi vs. 60,000psi.

By increasing the waterjet pump pressure from 60,000psi to 90,000psi, the velocity of the water jet stream also significantly increases.

The net result is, the higher the pressure, the faster the parts will cut. And by accelerating the water jet stream from 60,000psi to 90,000psi, there is also a reduction in the usage of abrasive costs.

This video shows a side-by-side comparison as to how much faster parts are cut, and how much less abrasive is used by cutting at 90,000psi vs. 60,000psi