Plastic and Acrylic Cutting with Waterjet

Water jet cutting technology has been used for several decades to perform plastic and acrylic cutting. In fact, this process supersedes the development of the abrasive waterjet used to cut harder materials such as stone, glass, and metals. Unlike abrasive waterjet cutting, however, only pure waterjet is used to cut plastics and acrylics.

The clean, very thin waterjet stream (thinner than a strand of human hair) does not cause the material being cut to absorb water, maintaining the integrity of the materials. The technology also does not create heat-affected zones while precisely cutting with speed. Waterjet leaves a smooth, clean cut, virtually eliminating and second operation for finishing.  Thus, the efficiency of the process makes cutting with water jets an effective solution for manufacturers of plastic and acrylic components and parts.

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Advantages of Cutting Plastic with Waterjet:

  • Omni-directional cutting. Minimal tolerances. No wasteful raw materials
  • Precision cutting with no blade sharpening
  • Cold cutting, No Hazardous Fumes or Vapors
  • No HAZ, Heat Affected Zone, won't melt plastics
  • Safe for the Environment; no airborne dust for a cleaner product
  • Stationary cutting nozzles allow conveyor fed plastic & acrylic sheets
In the early 1970’s the first paper water jet system was used for paper manufacturing at Alton Boxboard in Alton, IL. Pure water jets were also used to cut plastics and acrylics for the automotive, medical and aerospace industries. Waterjet cutting is very versatile and doesn’t discriminate in what is being cut! Paper thin materials, and thicker materials up to 8" inches thick, as well as food, and rubber can be cut just as swiftly as thin carpet. Because the diamond orifice is used to maximize cutting life, typically the size of the stream is a width of a human hair at speeds up to 3,000 feet per second.

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KMT Waterjet Cutting Plastic | Powered by KMT Waterjet Pumps

KMT Waterjet: Cutting Plastic is a feature of the Take 2 continuing series of two minute length performance videos ( showcasing a variety of materials being cut with a water jet using the KMT Waterjet Streamline PRO 60HP and 125HP 90,000psi pumps.