KMT Intensifier Pumps Power HPP Machines: High Pressure Pasteurization for Food and Beverages

Over 75% of consumers purchase foods based on healthfulness and longevity of shelf life.

High pressure processing food pasteurization that uses pure cold water, pressurized to 90,000psi/6.200bar, to kill pathogens and bacteria and extend shelf life. There are no additives, only extreme water pressure, powered by KMT Waterjet.

HPP processing is used to seal in the freshness including: Seafood, Ready-to-eat (RTE) meals, Guacamole and Salsa, Meats, Juices and Beverages, Salad Dressing, Dips, baby food, pet food, and Fruits and Vegetables. The net result, double and triple shelf life without heat, additives or chemicals to preserve the vitamins, taste and texture of the food.

KMT Waterjet UHP pressure pumps surround the food packages inside a vessel with over 90,000psi/6.200bar of under water pressure to a plastic bottle. Harmful bacteria like listeria, E.coli, salmonella, are crushed and can-not survive this incredible pressure, which is six times deeper than the deepest ocean!

Powered by KMT Waterjet KMT PRO 90,000psi/6.200bar for increase capacity. KMT offers extensive global network of technical services support. Also Made in the USA. Baxter Springs, KS.

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Advantages of Food Processing with HPP:

Delicious taste
High-pressure processing (HPP) maintains freshness and preserves natural flavors of juices, meat, fruits, and vegetables better than any other processing method.

Consumer safety
HPP, which works on water pressure alone, has a unique ability to inactivate microorganisms without chemicals or preservatives.

Longer shelf life
HPP extends shelf life and cuts waste---fruit and vegetable products, like vacuum-packed avocados, last up to 30 days. 

KMT Ultra High Pressure Pumps harness the power of high-pressure processing (HPP), using water pressure to produced packaged foods that are safer, last longer and taste better.

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HPP Technology - USA

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Avure Technologies Seafood High Pressure Processing (HPP) | Powered by KMT Waterjet Pumps

Avure Technologies is the global leader in high-pressure technology, and we're making waves in the food industry. Our Fresher Under Pressure® technology harnesses the power of high-pressure processing (HPP), using water pressure to produced packaged foods that are safer, last longer and taste better.

Avure food presses combine over 50 years of technical excellence in ultra-high hydrostatic pressure systems with 25 years of specialized research and product development for the packaged food industry.