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Lockformer/Mestek HVAC Cutting Tables

Lockformer Vulcan 1600 Waterjet for cutting Fiberglass insulation and Elastomeric foam.

The Lockformer Vulcan 1600 Waterjet table is an automated feed process for cutting fiberglass insulation, designed to improve performance and reduce waste and scrap.

Cutting insulation by knife manually is a slow, inaccurate process, very labor intensive, and time consuming. The Vulcan 1600 waterjet automates the cutting and fabrication process, cutting precise shapes for curves, and squares to rounds.

QuickPen, leading software used in the construction industry, provides exact matching cutting, which dramatically improves the installation process.

Besides cutting costs by reducing scraps and waste, the accuracy of the finish cuts into the metal blanks fit perfectly, eliminating trim cuts and re-fabrication.

There is a new trend beyond cutting fiberglass insulation. Cutting open and closed cell elastomeric foam has no mold issues or the potential to break down in the air stream.

Cut insulation materials to 4 inches of thickness, up to 3,000 i/pm depending on material type and thickness.

Eliminate the duct liner bottleneck in your shop while reducing the labor associated with this process.

The Lockformer Vulcan 1600 Waterjet insulation cutting software and table will increase shop productivity, reduce waste, and improve your bottom line. Intensifier pump provided by KMT Waterjet.


VULCAN HVAC Waterjet Cutting Table Specifications

Your cutting table drives your business. Lockformer’s Vulcan waterjet cutting systems have been shipped around the world for 30 years, so you can trust the Vulcan 1600 WaterJet to provide you with superior performance, including the latest technology.

The Vulcan 1600 WJ is designed with traditional Lockformer quality and reliability, to eliminate the duct liner bottleneck in your shop while reducing the labor associated with this process.

HVAC contractors rely on Vulcan’s insulation cutting software and table to increase shop productivity, reduce waste, and improve their bottom line.

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Lockformer Vulcan 1600 WaterJet

• KMT 40 HP Neo Line Pump
• 1/2" - 4" Material Capabilities
• 2000 ipm Travers Speed
• 1500" ipm Cutting Speed

Vulcan 1600WJ Insulation Cutting System for:
Fiberglass insulation cutting
Elastomeric foam insulation cutting
Liner cutting
HVAC Liner
Duct liner
Insulation cutting and fabrication
Fitting insulation
Duct insulation