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Multiple Nozzles Waterjet Cutting Machines

Waterjet cutting with multiple water jet nozzles has grown significantly in the last 15 years, as manufacturers are seeking methods to cut faster but with limited floor space.

The KMT Waterjet network of global OEM integrators offer a variety of cutting tables designed for multi tasking.

Waterjet machines have nesting software CNC programs designed using motion and path tools for exact cutting with tight tolerances and minimal lost materials.

Powered by KMT Waterjet intensifiers from 60,000psi to 90,000psi, multiple cutting heads or slitting machines are integrated to cut parts faster, quicker turnaround time, lower cost per part, and higher daily capacity utilization. Most importantly, the right waterjet pump matters when choosing to cut with multiple cutting nozzles. The more nozzles you use, the more horsepower will be needed to cut at maximum efficiency.

The KMT global sales team will evaluate your needs and recommend the best solution for multiple cutting head systems for cutting metals with abrasive or slitting applications for waterjet only applications cutting soft materials.

Multi-Head Waterjet Cutting Systems


Advantages of Cutting with Waterjet:

  • No heat or chemicals are used. Only pure water
  • No Material Deformation caused by heat
  • No Hazardous Fumes or Vapors
  • No need to clean or sharpen the cutting tool
  • No Reworking, or minimal reworking
  • No Compression cutting
Waterjet machining is a cold cutting process, making it ideal for automotive, medical and aerospace applications where the material cannot be affected by heat. Nearly every type of cut is possible, from using waterjet tables for rapid hole drilling to detailed cuts for automotive applications. Multi-head waterjet cutters use an abrasive additive to create a clean, burr-free cut that does not require secondary finishing – saving both time and money.