Five Axis Bevel Cutting Format

MultiCam 5000 CNC Waterjet Versatile Table-Bevel Head, 3D Shapes waterjet machine.

The MultiCam 5000 CNC Waterjet Table with Bevel Head, for cutting omni-directional 3D Shapes, contour waterjet cutting for precise finish. Outstanding system for aerospace, automotive, defense industry, and marine boating fabrication for detailed cut with tight tolerance requirements.

Maximize performance and reduce the time it takes for secondary finishing with plasma and laser, with the MultiCam 5000 Bevel Head Waterjet Machine. The all steel-stress relieved water tank design, has three side cutting tank access. EZ-Control and Coreo Software. Heavy channel guttering for water runoff and significantly increased machine rigidity.

Outstanding Made in the USA Bevel Head waterjet system, for cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminum, stone, glass and more. Fast transfer between abrasive waterjet cutting and pure water cutting nozzle, for soft materials like foam, thin plastic, rubber and more.

Near Net cutting of parts ranging from 3 inches to 12 inches of steel. The MultiCam 5000 waterjet machine, all steel, heavy duty table for tight tolerance requirements. The Z-axis clearance is 10 feet high, with Z-axis travel is 8 feet.

Cutting with the KMT PRO 60hp or 125hp pump, there is significant savings on the abrasive garnet compared to cutting at 60,000psi/4,137bar, which is not recommended for cutting thick parts.

Options include up to four pure water cutting heads, Pneumatic drill and abrasive removal systems. Many additional options.

The working area ranges from 600” x 60” to 80” to 145”. There are four other options on the length of table. Cut speed: 2100 i/pm for thin materials. Rapid traverse of 1,500 IPM, the MultiCam 5000 Series Waterjet table is excellent for cutting glass/ceramics, construction, structural steel, metal fabrication, job shops, sign making and foam cutting. The 3000-Series CNC Waterjet options include pneumatic drill, chiller for intensifier, air ballast water-leveling system, closed loop filtration system, and abrasive removal system.

Made in the USA, the MultiCam 5000 Series Waterjet does not create any heat-affected-zones (HAZ) which could potentially lead to secondary finishing of material.
With 30 years of experience, with 60 technology centers in 6 continents, MultiCam has the experience and global network to support your investment.

Powered by KMT Waterjet KMT PRO 90,000psi/6,200bar for increase capacity by 50%. Save 50% in abrasive costs cutting at 90,000psi/6,200bar compared to 60,000psi/4,137bar. KMT offers extensive network of technical services support. Also Made in the USA. Baxter Springs, KS.


MultiCam 5000 Series CNC Waterjet Cutting Tables

Multicam and KMT have the right CNC waterjet machine for all budgets, large and small. Every CNC machine comes with a number of customizable options so you can get the exactly what you need. Our CNC water jet machines are manufactured with certified laser calibration equipment so you can count on precision and quality. Heavy steel frames ensure durability and stability for consistently accurate cutting. For several CNC machines, a material database stores several parameters, including feed rate, pierce delay, pierce height, and many others so you don’t have to spend time programming settings when switching materials.

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MultiCam 5000 Series 5 Axis WaterJet | Powered by KMT Waterjet Pumps