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SPA Robots - Flexible Cutting Technology

Cutting routines for complicated 3D shapes that would be impossible to punch can easily be programmed with the robot.

The flexibility of Shape Process Automation's robotic systems enable manufacturers to make the most of their capital investment. Trimming programs can easily be changed or added so that several parts can be cut on the same system with virtually no set-up time.

The high-pressure waterjet is used as a tool to cut a wide range of materials.  The fine jet is very powerful, with cutting speeds between 100 and 500 mm/s for a variety of automotive carpets and from 300 to 500 mm/sec for headliners. The speed of the waterjet and robot allow the cutting material to remain almost completely dry.

SPA JetTool Robotic Waterjet Technology is available in multiple cutting and trimming options (water-only and abrasive) robot trimming (FT Series), gantry table cutting (G Series), enclosed cell trimming (R Series) and abrasive cutting (AB Series).


SPA Robotic Waterjet Cutting Systems - Features and Benefits

Process Solution Center
The Shape Process Automation Process Solution Center (PSC) is designed around the customer. Our goal is to find which process best meets your needs for quality, throughput, capital and long term costs. In addition, if you require a small quantity of pre-production parts, test cuts, or a high-volume production run, the PSC can meet your needs.
Tooling and Fixtures
Shape Process Automation's Tooling and Fixture Department has the best knowledge of the special requirements for tooling of your robotic system. The department has more than 100 years of combined experience building Composite tooling, CNC cut models and tools, and CMM certified check fixtures for a broad range of trimming applications.
Part Programming
Shape Process Automation can assist you in creating the robot programs for the parts to be run on your robotic systems. We have off-line programming and CAM post-processing tools to assist us in cost-effectively assisting you with part programming.

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SPA (formerly Dynamic Robotic Solutions) Robotic Waterjet Cutting | Powered by KMT Pumps

At Shape Process Automation we are incredibly proud of our long history and years of experience which has led to our being recognized as experts around the industry in advanced materials processing and a highly-respected integrator of industrial robotics.

Shape Process Automation offers integrated robotic solutions for material handling, vision, assembly, ultrasonic knife trimming & deflashing applications, as well as design and build custom fixturing & tooling complete with the software and programming needed for a truly optimized solution. Additionally, we have solved some of the industry's most challenging advanced materials processing problems with our extensive capabilities in waterjet, laser, and router cutting and trimming.

Waterjet technology integrated with KMT UHP pumps from 90,000psi to 60,000psi.

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