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Two-Axis (X-Y) Waterjet Cutting Tables

Since 1971, KMT Waterjet (formerly Ingersoll Rand) and our global OEM network of CNC machine manufacturers have commissioned thousands of traditional two-axis X-Y table including abrasive tables and water only cutting systems.

Powered by KMT, these X-Y tables are used for cutting metal, stone, food, composites, prototype parts, foam, paper, plastic and much more.

If you are looking for an entry level waterjet table, a pastry cake cutter or a small to large format system, the global OEM integrators will be able to offer you a solution that is best for your business.

X-Y Axis Waterjet Cutting Table Systems


Advantages of Cutting with Waterjet:

  • No heat or chemicals are used. Only pure water
  • No Material Deformation caused by heat
  • No Hazardous Fumes or Vapors
  • No need to clean or sharpen the cutting tool
  • No Reworking, or minimal reworking
  • No Compression cutting
Waterjet machining is a cold cutting process, making it ideal for automotive, medical and aerospace applications where the material cannot be affected by heat. Nearly every type of cut is possible, from using waterjet tables for rapid hole drilling to detailed cuts for automotive applications. X-Y Axis waterjet cutters use an abrasive additive to create a clean, burr-free cut that does not require secondary finishing – saving both time and money.

CNC Waterjet Table Cutting Aluminum | 2-Axis Cutting

The Multicam V-Series CNC Waterjet Table comes with dual heads so you can simultaneously machine parts. And, you can accurately cut just about anything you want. Cutting applications range from steel to galvanized metal, stone, glass, and plastic.