Kenner | Hydraulic Waterjet Cutting Machines


KENNER offers high precision water jet cutting. Cutting with water opens up new possibilities for material handling. The technology is based on water, which is pressurized to 3.800 bar by a high-pressure pump and, when mixed with abrasive, is guided over the material through a nozzle by means of computer software (CNC).


Hydraulic Cutting Machine

The KWJ-C cantilever hydroabrasive cutting machine is designed for cutting various sizes of materials. The cutter is available in a variety of workbench sizes (width (y-axis) to 1.500 mm and length (x-axis) from 1.500 mm to 6.000 mm and above), with the ability to cut both water/abrasive jet and pure water jet for the treatment of materials.

The cantilever machine comes as standard with various accessories, such as pneumatic lifting goggles, laser for zeroing, automatic cutting nozzle height control. We make cutting machines using the latest technology and the highest quality materials! They are individually tailored to the specifics of the customer's production!

With this cutting machine, the production process will be faster, better quality and cheaper!