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Choosing the Right System

There are two main factors which determine the size of system required: water volume and pressure. By increasing these two factors, cutting can be faster and have cleaner edges. With this in mind, there are three main variables which help determine how much water and pressure is needed, and in turn, which system is best for an application:

1) Type of Material
The hardness and thickness of the material to be cut determines a minimum water volume requirement. Thick materials (whether hard or soft) require larger streams of water which have greater velocity and more energy to cut over a long distance. Harder materials with dense structures also require higher pressures.

2) Cut Speed Required
Cutting faster, extremely important for higher margins and high production environments, is possible by increasing both water volume and pressure. KMT Waterjet pumps can be networked (a KMT Waterjet exclusive) to allow high cutting speeds for multiples of cutting heads. 

3) Size and Number of Cutting Heads
Multiple cutting heads enable higher productivity but require more water. KMT Waterjet pumps enable operating multiple cutting heads cutting the same or different parts, at extremely low operating costs.

KMT Waterjet Cutting Application Speed Examples:

KMT Waterjet Cutting Examples