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ECKERT-WATERJET-CUTTING-LOGO-HEADLINE   Eckert Opal Water Jet Cutting Machines

Innovation, accuracy and cost efficiency. Versatile and precise waterjet cutting machines.

Opal Waterjet cutting machines were created in response to the need of obtaining smooth, high quality finish with no heat-affected zone or thermal distortion. Utilisation of waterjet cutting allows work with a wide variety of materials such as: stone, wood, plastics etc. up to 250 mm thickness. Optional use of PRO-X 3D cutting head widens design capability of the machine by 3D operations.

Eckert Automation features two versions of the Opal Waterjet Machines:

Opal | 2D cutting with optional 3D 5 Axis cutting head

Opal Combo | Combination plasma and waterjet



Opal Waterjet Cutting Machine

The Opal table features a 2-axis waterjet cutting head, utilising proven in practice hydro-abrasive cutting technology. Well designed construction head equipped with height sensor and anti collision device guarantee the best quality cuts and faultless operation.

Optional 5-axis Pro-X 3D head provides a very high level of efficiency and insures the achievement of maximum 3-dimensional precision. The maximum cutting angle +/- 60o and automatic angle compensation ensure great precision and practically zero angle on the cutting edge.

The Opal Waterjet cutting machine is equipped with the robust water table with double grid system. Steel, fully tinned (as option) construction insures durability and corrosion resistance. The detached table construction ensures maximum stability and smooth running operations.


Opal Waterjet Combo | Plasma/Waterjet

The patented Opal Waterjet Combo is able to combine the advantages of quick plasma cutting with precision of water jet. Synergistic effect of combining two different technologies allows the cutting machine to exploit both assets. The cutting machine offers versatility and flexibility for a wide range of users form small to big companies.

The plasma is sufficiently hot to melt the metal being cut and moves sufficiently fast to blow molten metal away from the cut. This technology can be use to cut all metals, because they are electrically conductive.

The 3D water cutting is separating the material with a jet of water is the most accurate method for cutting and chamfering almost any kind of material. Water cutting provides the highest quality of edges and lack of heat affected zone.