KMT Waterjet Cut Calculator 2.0 OnDemand Webinar


KMT has launched the KMT Waterjet Cut Calculator 2.0 OnDemand Webinar. You can watch the webinar immediately, or at your convenience without signing up to view the video.

The video is an informational session that showcases all the new features of the new KMT waterjet calculator.

The KMT Calculator incorporates 25 materials, offers a wider range of substrate thicknesses, horsepower, orifice size, and abrasive rates.

Also, a new calculator section demonstrates the features/benefits cutting faster with an inside look of the exclusive KMT OEM Access segment showing the actual time differences cutting at 90,000psi/6.200bar vs. 60,000/4.100bar, calculating Speed/Capacity, Cost per Part/Job, and the Abrasive consumption/savings.

A must view webinar for every waterjet operator.


Download the KMT Waterjet APP on APPLE and Google Play Stores.

KMT. Celebrating our 50th Anniversary by showing the Force of Water and the real cost savings by powering up to 90,000psi/6.200bar technology. 

KMT-50TH-ANNIVERSARY-LOGO  KMT. Powering the World in Waterjet Technology for 50 Years.


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