Maximum Industries Testimonial - STREAMLINE PRO-III 90,000psi 125hp pump


Maximum Industries utilizes the latest technology in CNC equipment for waterjet cutting, laser cutting, machining, routing and laser marking. Maximum Industries has six waterjet systems, including two five-axis high gantry systems. All waterjet systems are powered by KMT Waterjet pumps including the KMT STREAMLINE PRO-III, 90,000psi 125hp pump.

With 66% of the operating costs associated with abrasive, the KMT STREAMLINE PRO-III 90,000psi pump provides lower cost per part and lower abrasive cost, with higher quality per part and tighter tolerances. This video offers the customer’s view of KMT and the features and benefits of the KMT STREAMLINE PRO-III 90,000psi waterjet pump.

Maximum Industries - Irving TX


  • Increased Productivity - 100% Faster at 90,000psi than 60,000psi
  • Improved Edge Quality - Cutting @ Mach 3 vs Mach 2  
  • 90,000psi Accelerates Abrasive at a Higher Velocity vs. 60,000psi Resulting in Increased Cutting Speed 
  • Cuts Thicker Material - Up to 14 inches...Near Net Cutting
  • Faster Cutting, Less Abrasive, Less Overhead = Lowest Cost Per Part/Inch
  • Significantly Reduces Abrasive Consumption and Disposal - Abrasive is 66% of Operating Cost  
  • More Precise Cutting, Tighter Stream, Smaller Kerf
  • Creates Manufacturing Capacity, Increases Shop Revenue Throughput 
  • Competitive Advantage - Distinct Advantage when Bidding Against 60,000psi Shops

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Since 1971, KMT Waterjet has been instrumental in pioneering waterjet technology. With the KMT Waterjet STREAMLINE® PRO-III 90,000psi 60hp and 125hp, waterjet intensifier pumps, KMT Waterjet Systems has set new standards in the field of waterjet cutting.

The KMT STREAMLINE® PRO-III Series range of ultra-high pressure products includes all necessary components and accessories - from ultra-high pressure pumps to UHP cutting heads with orifices that guide the waterjet cutting jet with great precision to the material. The maximum pressure of 90,000 PSI/6,200 bar with a 60hp or 125hp KMT intensifier pump represents an increase of up to twice the power compared to pressures used in conventional 60,000psi waterjet cutting equipment!

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For over 45 years, this is why KMT Waterjet is the most recognized waterjet pump in the World.

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