IDASA | 2D Waterjet Tables for Cutting Food, Metals and More


Idasa sells the Waterjet Cutting XY 2D Idacut® XY2000 coordinate models of table for water and water + abrasive cutting for general multisector waterjet cutting of soft and hard (cutting with abrasive) materials. The XY2000 table is a machine that is simple to program, versatile, allowing the operator to work on three sides of the machined part.

The maximum speed of displacement in XY is 60 m./min. for the fast displacements in vacuum.The structure of the bridge in can be incorporated multiple cutting heads in those special applications that may need it or in systems of a very high production.

Idafood Table | FOOD CUTTING

Idasa manufactures and markets the models of table of coordinates XY Idafood water cut for solutions of water jet cut in fresh and frozen products. It incorporates a new structure, as much in the design of the bridge as in the water vacuum system and the cutting particles. Totally made in light stainless steel and bigger stiffness enables to decrease considerably the inertias in the high levels of speed.

One of the many innovations incorporated to the Idafood tables is the soundproofing of the water jet. The water jet is thrown at more than two match of speed causing a deafening noise. Thanks to the “Silent” system the noise produced during the cutting process is reduced at 32 decibels during the cutting process, achieving a pleasant and safe work atmosphere.



  • The IdaCut SM2000 range is a very modular turnkey solution for cutting and finishing three-dimensional components manufactured in soft materials, such as plastics, carpet, materials in different layers or components etc.
  • SM-2000 station consists of a soundproof and pressurized cell with special kits to adapt easily to different cutting applications that requires up to two 6-axis robots. Includes photocells and last generation electrical security, and an anti-panic opening system from within, complying with current CE standards on safety and machinery manufacturing.

FEATURES (Continued):

  • No cutting tools to sharpen
  • Omni directional cuts
  • Elimination of internal tensions
  • High cut speed
  • Cutting radios and intricate contours up to 0,50 mm.
  • Total automatism and robotization
  • Attainment of multiple cuts
  • Polyvalent cut on any kind of product
  • Almost null maintenance
  • Non specialized personnel
  • No defoliation, delaminating or tear
  • Cold cut and without waste
  • Low consumption of the cutting fluid


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IDASA | Idafood Cutting Table cutting cakes, bread and more

According to Food Production Daily Magazine, “waterjet technology is one of the fastest growing major machine tool processes in the world due to its versatility and ease of operation.” The use of pure water in waterjet cutting systems capable of cutting at incredible speeds up to Mach 3, has received USDA approval for creating a bacteria free hygienic cutting process method.