Xilix Systems Waterjet Cake Cutter for Increased Productivity and Higher Yield.

The Xilix Spectrum waterjet cake cutter. No more wires to clean, no more compressed edges with layered cakes. The waterjet razor thin stream will slit though any cake, pastry or petit fours. With a wireless touchpad, upload your files, or choose from hundreds of programmed shapes, and start cutting cakes. Including chocolate cakes!
Double productivity with dual head cake cutting conveyor. With six sheet cakes on the same conveyor.

The Xilix Spectrum SS1826-V2 Series cake cutter is stainless steel construction. 100% touch screen interface. Cut speeds up to 1,000 i/pm. Change shape patterns while cutting the same sheet cake. Light curtain safety barrier. Cleaning process in minutes.

IMPORTANT: The Xilix Spectrum Cake Cutter is NSF Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.

Xilix uses the KMT Waterjet 15hp, 50,000psi intensifier pump.

The Xilix Spectrum SS1826-V2 Series Waterjet Cake Cutter and KMT products are made in the USA.


Xilix Spectrum SS1826-V2 Series Cake Cutter

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Xilix Waterjet Cutting Sheet Cake