FEEDLINE V Abrasive Metering

KMT Water jet Systems FEEDLINE V Electronic Metering System provides Optimized Abrasive Consumption for Customized Waterjet Cutting Applications

Stable and repeatable operating parameters are a fundamental requirement for high-quality water jet cutting. KMT Waterjet Systems responded to this demand by developing the FEEDLINE V abrasive metering system. Controlled through a central CNC controller or a potentiometer, the FEEDLINE V supplies the cutting nozzle with the optimized flow of abrasive, saving material and costs.

The KMT Waterjet FEEDLINE V system supplies the cutting head with a constant metered quantity of abrasive. Without this controlled supply, the mixing chamber for abrasive, air and water would become clogged up. With the FEEDLINE V, this is effectively prevented.



Easy to Maintain

The new abrasive outlet consists of a single component, facilitating maintenance as there are no moving parts. The housing lid of the metering wheel and the control unit are transparent, so that operators can easily detect any problems occurring in the unit.

Accurate Metering Controls

Accurate metering settings help lower operating costs,especially in units used to cut many different materials on a daily basis. The adjustment range of the FEEDLINE V caters for flow rates of 0 to 1,000 g per minute.

KMT Abrasive Delivery

KMT Genuine Parts & Service proudly supplies several types of abrasive from SHAPE Mined Materials. Tailored to fit your specific needs, SMM abrasive shipments are easily coordinated by KMT for hassle-free delivery right to your door.


Protect your investment.

Increase profits while maximizing uptime with KMT Genuine Parts & Service. Our world-class service and support programs, KMT 360° and KMT 360° Assured, are designed to keep your ultrahigh-pressure systems running at peak performance, with minimal effort from you.

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