Perfect Score Technologies Abrasive Waterjet Tables

Perfect Score Waterjet Glass Cutting and Glass Fabrication Software

Perfect Score Technologies has been in the design and build machine industry since 1969 specializing in processing equipment to the glass industry.

PST manufactures a full line of glass CNC scoring, cutting, and handling equipment specific to insulated glass production and glass fabricators. PST waterjet systems and software are specifically configured for shower door, laminated, and custom glass applications.

PST offers three waterjet systems, from abrasive cutting to pure water tables, as all manufacture models are stainless steel frames. The waterjet tables are designed for glass cutting, abrasive & water jet cutting machinery and insulated window assembly equipment.

The waterjet systems employ a linear drive technology to achieve cutting speeds of 4,000 – 5,000 inches per minute in pure water applications such as cutting gaskets, foam and rubber products.

PST staff has decades of glass cutting experience to assist in the operational training for your glass process.


Features Specific to Pure Water Tables:

• Gantry Spans across Narrow Table Length - Increased Acceleration.
• Stainless Steel Catch Tank - No Standing Water.
• Pure Water Configured Head.
• WJ Brick Workbed - non-scratch, small part cutting platform.
• Large Oversized Drainage - Handles Material Debris
• High Gantry Available for 12" material cutting

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4 Head Dual Shuttle Waterjet by Perfect Score Technologies | Powered by KMT Waterjet Pumps

Perfect Score Technologies manufactures both an Abrasive Jet and Pure Water Jet Cutting Machine. The Waterjet system is an ideal machine for the cutting of various materials and is extremely versatile compared to alternative machinery such as lasers and plasmas.

Waterjet cutting is performed with “pure water” for the cutting of - foam, package products, gaskets, gibson board, carpet, food, rubber, and many other soft materials. The addition of abrasive (garnet ) to the water stream provides the ability to cut - steel, stainless, copper, aluminum, granite, marble, laminated glass.

In general soft materials are cut at a lower pressure range of 40,000 - 50,000 psi with hard materials requiring the higher 50,000 - 60,000 psi. The Waterjet cutting process does not generate heat; elliminating the warping of materials like copper and aluminum.