Xilix Systems Waterjet Slitter for Increased Productivity and Longer Shelf Life.

The Xilix Systems LLC waterjet cutting conveyor with cutting speeds at 200 inches per minute. Replace conventional blade slicers with one waterjet system.

Perfect Portion Control when slitting a variety of vegetables, fruits and frozen foods. Stainless steel construction quick wash down when production is completed.

The biggest advantage of waterjet cutting is reducing the cost of operation while increasing profitability. There no blades to replace, reducing downtime and reducing purchasing aftermarket blades. Reduce the concern of cross contamination cutting the produce with the same blade.

Waterjet cutting increases the shelf life of produce compared to blades. The blades compress and damage the cells of the produce. Waterjet cutters slit the produce and does not damage the produce, extending shelf life.

Xilix uses the KMT Waterjet 15hp, 50,000psi intensifier pump.

The Xilix slitter and KMT products are made in the USA.

Xilix Produce Waterjet Slitter

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Waterjet Cutting Celery and Lettuce