HVAC Insulation Cutting with KMT Waterjet

KMT Waterjet cutting will help to eliminate the duct liner bottleneck in your shop while reducing the labor associated with this process. Using conventional cutters and machining techniques will quickly cause parts to wear out and require replacement. Employing the techniques often used for cutting HVAC duct work liners may also compromise the strength of the insulation and/or cause delamination, making the material less suitable.

As an alternative, cutting with a water jet offers a number of benefits for HVAC rollforming machining. KMT water jet intensifier pumps do not produce heat-affected zones (HAZ) or leave rough edges/burrs that require the material to undergo secondary finishing with other cutting applications. Additionally, very little waste is created with water jet technology to protect the material investment, and the speed of the technology makes it well suited to high production requirements.

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Advantages of Cutting HVAC with Waterjet:

  • NO Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) or deformation to insulation material
  • Safe for the Environment; no toxic fumes or dust and garnet is disposable
  • Thick or thin, waterjet cutting is the most flexible cutting process for aluminum to foam
  • Can pierce material directly without the need for a pre-drilled starter hole
  • No tool or blade sharpening
  • High or low surface pressure flexibility for sensitive or thick materials
Waterjet machining is a cold cutting process, making it ideal for automotive, medical and aerospace applications where the material cannot be affected by heat. Nearly every type of cut is possible, from using waterjet tables for rapid hole drilling to detailed cuts for automotive applications.  Waterjet cutters use an abrasive additive to create a clean, burr-free cut that does not require secondary finishing – saving both time and money.

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