KMT Waterjet - Other Materials Cutting Solution

Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process, with no heat affected zone (HAZ). This gives the flexibility to cut an unlimited variety of materials including cutting metals, stone, food, cutting foam, paper, rubber, carpet, wood, wool, plastics, graphite, tool steel and much more.

KMT Waterjet has a global alliance with over 100 Original Equipment Manufacturers (Integrators), who specialize in designing standard to custom waterjet machines, slitters and conveyors, integrated with KMT Waterjet, the provider of UHP waterjet pumps, cutting heads and genuine aftermarket parts and technical services. From one cutting head to slitters with multiple cutting nozzles, KMT Waterjet has your answer.

No matter what you are cutting, the KMT OEM network can help you find the best waterjet cutting solution for your company. So, What Are You Cutting? Let us help you.

Waterjet Cutting System Integrators


Advantages of Cutting with Waterjet:

  • NO Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) which is ideal for most all materials
  • Safe for the Environment; no toxic fumes or dust and garnet is disposable
  • Ideal for cutting up to 8” (20 cm) of materials depending on density of product
  • Can pierce material directly without the need for a pre-drilled starter hole
  • No tool or blade sharpening
  • High or low surface pressure flexibility for sensitive or thick materials
Waterjet machining is a cold cutting process, making it ideal for automotive, medical and aerospace applications where the material cannot be affected by heat. Nearly every type of cut is possible, from using waterjet tables for rapid hole drilling to detailed cuts for automotive and boating applications.  Waterjet cutters use an abrasive additive to create a clean, burr-free cut that does not require secondary finishing – saving both time and money.

3000 Series WaterJet Cutting 6.75" Phenolic | Powered by KMT Waterjet

MultiCam's CNC 3000 Series WaterJets are the perfect solution to precisely cut thick materials.