Prussiani Waterjet for Stone Cutting

Saw cut marble and granite slabs with the saw blade, intricate cutting with the waterjet cutting head.

The combination Prussiani is used for cutting stone countertops, kitchen backsplashes, cutting floor tiles, cutting medallions, and much more in the stone fabrication industry.

Prussiani offers optional The Cut and Jet Shuttle, the automatic rotating two tables for continual use. The dual tanks assist in maximizing productivity.

The motorized rotating tables allows the operator to the load and unload slabs while the machine works. Minimize waste and downtime for loading the stone slabs, while offloading the materials that were just finished on the second table.

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Prussiani RIO Blade Sawjet Features

Waterjet machines NEW RIO, 3 or 5 axis, are designed and built to cut any type of material: marble, granite, artificial quartz, ceramic, any type of stone, glass, rubber, plastic, steel, aluminum, brass and other.

Powered by a numerical control interfaced with CAD/CAM systems and by a dedicated software WJ CAM, they allow to get precise cuts without thermal deformations.

Whether for the production of unique pieces or for serial production waterjet machines NEW RIO are ideal for straight, inclined and shaped cuts, as well to create inlays.

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PRUSSIANI Cut & Jet Shuttle | Powered by KMT Pumps

Saw + Waterjet + Cut & Move + Automatic Rotating Tables System

Prussiani Engineering presents Cut & Jet Shuttle, a cutting machine that combines saw + waterjet + Cut & Move + automatic rotating tables system.

System of motorized rotating tables allows the operator to load and unload slabs while the machine works.

This exceptional combination between heads group and automatic rotating tables allows to minimize material waste and reset the downtime for the loading of the slabs and unloading of the pieces.

Ultra compact automatic dual table combo machine, with the precision of the gantry bridge system and versatility of the 5 axes blade and jet.