Usel Makina | 3-Axes Cutting

STORMA Series | 3-Axes Abrasive Waterjet Technology for cutting metal, stone, glass, composites and much more.

To ensure a repeatability accuracy of +- 0,05 mm, all waterjet cutting tables follow a rack and pinion motion design, driven by highly accurate servo motors for the x,y and z axes.

Conveniently loading and unloading the material plates from of the cutting table without any barriers is being achieved via the bridge design of the waterjet cutting system. This bridge can be moved to the back of the system completely, thus providing a widely open space to the machine operator.

Proximity switches in combination with extra limit switches specify the zero / reference points to ensure repeatability and to prevent from collisions.

Covers and protection shields of the very robust and rigid bridge style waterjet cutting machine are painted with 2x primer and 2x acrylic layers.

The lubrication of the motion system happens by means of a central electronic lubrication system, which reduces the dedicated maintenance and inspection procedure to a minimum. This contributes to maximizing the production uptime of the waterjet cutting system.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) of the control system includes a variety of different languages, which can be selected easily for the convenience of the machine operator.

The galvanized grids onto which the material is being loaded and unloaded, are fully interchangeable for economic utilization.

The Usel Makina STORMA Waterjet machine concept is available in sizes from very small 1.500mm x 1.500mm up to large scale systems of 3.000mm x 6.000mm.

Powered by the KMT Waterjet STREAMLINE® pump at 4,100 bar/50hp. Improve productivity, performance and profits upgrade to KMT PRO 6,200 bar pump. KMT offers global technical services network for support.

USEL MAKINA su-jeti-5-eksen-kesim-makinesi-2-2_GRIDUSEL-MAKINA-3-axis-waterjet-cutting-metal_GRIDUSEL-MAKINA-3-axis-waterjet-bevel-cutting-stone_GRIDUSEL-MAKINA-waterjet-cutting-marble_GRID


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Usel Makina 3-Axes & 5-Axes Waterjet Cutting Systems